Career Change Dogs

Sometimes we will have dogs that have shown they are not cut out for police or service work. Some are rescues, some are purchased dogs, and some have been donated. The price for these dogs depends on the level of training, and where they came from. Please contact if you are interested in any of our career change dogs.


Nine Realms Recon


Intact Male, 1.5yr Malinois

Recon is looking for a new home. This isn’t due to lack of drive, nerve, or ability. The boy has it in spades. Recon has developed a very minor CCL tear on his back left leg. With rehab our Vet is confident he can return to an active lifestyle and work. However, I cannot in good conscience place him in a department.

He is looking for a new active home that will still train and work with him. Recon is roughly 1.5yr old intact male Malinois. He is a rehome and though we know his breeder, we aren’t going to share as she is not of quality. Recon has extreme prey drive, extreme ball drive, high possession, high hunt drive, and medium food drive (could be built). He has about ten protection sessions under his belt, with firm and full grips. I’ve never worked a dog that had no upbringing in protection take to it so quickly. He also plays nicely with a tug. His protection work still has a lot of building to do. Out command was started and nice for me.

Environmentally stable except for a couple places he just needs more exposure too (small, slick bathrooms with automatic paper towel dispenser). He is good on slick floors. Will climb or jump anything. Will still hunt for odor in the bathrooms he is not 100 sure on. Recon is not on odor but has had a good number of detection sessions hunting for his ball and started a sit stare. He enters a building and goes right to work. He has had over a month of real tracking training and was working decoy, 1/3 mile, 15min age, with easy road crossings.

Recon is crate trained, house trained, and has good house manners. He gets along with other dogs (as long as they are not dominant jerks like Ronan), does good with cats and puppies (can be a little too rough and needs supervision). He does not resource guard toys or food from people. With people he will show breed traits such as barking at strangers behind the fence/from a crate but is social once introduced. I have never worried about him at all. He is very very affectionate with his people and enjoys cuddling.

Up to date on all vaccinations and is microchiped.Recon could easily do PSA, American Schutzhund, Schutzhund (might have some trouble with the tracking after my real tracking imprinting), any other protection sport, nosework, etc. He will likely just need to be managed more carefully to ensure he does not injure himself (although I’d like to point out he operates as a three legged dog just fine and still tried to work when lame).

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