Private Training

Lessons take place in your home or at the location of your choice, wherever your canine pal needs the most training. Private lessons offer you one on one time with our highly skilled Instructor/Master Trainer Karin Wagemann, where you can ask any and all questions. Almost any topic can be covered in private lessons. Those wanting to persue Service Dog Training, Detection, or Tracking training are highly encouraged to contact Nine Realms as this is what we specialize in.

Nine Realms does not deal with aggression towards people or other dogs, fighting pack mates, or severe anxiety. We recomend you contact Method K9 for that.

Private lessons are limited and booked out generally three to four weeks in advance.


Before any training can begin clients should email for a brief consultation. DO NOT call. This is a small business run by one trainer and phone calls are difficult for Karin to return. During the brief consultation we will discuss the issues you are having with your dog, what you have done to solve the problem, your goals for training, and a set up a time for training. An in home consultaion/first lesson will be discussed after this initial discussion.

Lesson Costs

One Lesson:

$125/hr. Includes an initial consultation of your dog’s behaviors, issues, and needs. Email, text, and phone support, and an email overview of the lesson(s) is also included.

Package Rates:

Two Lessons: $225

Four Lessons: $395

Six Lessons: $595

Half Hour Rates:

Half hour lessons are available to clients that have purchased a package of four or more lessons, are monthly training clients or were previously monthly training clients. This option is great for those that need more fine tuning in one area, a quick review, or have limited time. Travel locations for half hour rates are limited.

Half Hour: $50

Travel fees at $1.00 per mile round trip applies.


All first time clients must pay for the first lesson or evaluation before it will be scheduled. This is due to the number of no show, no pay new clients.

Travel costs for all private lessons is $1.00 per mile round trip.

Please note that not all lessons will be exactly an hour in length. Training is based upon goals not time. Some lessons may be shorter if goals are accomplished earlier. Some lessons may run later. There is a fee for lessons that run later than 15 min (the Trainer’s time is valuable, limited, and tightly scheduled).

Cancelation Policy: All evaluations and lessons must be cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled time otherwise clients will be charged in full. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Clients are responsible for scheduling all of their purchased lessons with a five-month time period after purchasing lessons. It is not the Trainer’s responsibility to contact the client and schedule lessons. Lessons not used with five months will be forfeit with no refund (if you purchase a package of six lessons you need to use them all within five months-if you cannot do that purhcase a smaller package or one at a time). The only exceptions are for trainer travel, health issues with dog and or handler.

All lesson and evaluation sales are final. NO REFUNDS for evaluations or lessons purchased shall be given.

Page updated Sep 20, 2022

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