Private Training

Nine Realms Canine Training believes that the private lessons are by far superior to group lessons. Therefore, we specialize in individual one on one lessons tailored to your specific need. Whether you need a quick introduction to puppy obedience, numerous lessons for a problem behavior, or want help training your dog for an area of work our private lessons have you covered. Private lessons tackle specific issues in the home that group lessons just can’t cover. These lessons take place in your home or at the location of your choice, wherever your canine pal needs the most training. Additionally, private lessons offer you one on one time with our highly skilled Instructor/Master Trainer Karin Wagemann, where you can ask any and all questions on your time.


Before any training can begin clients should call for a free phone consultation. During the phone consultation we will discuss the issues you are having with your dog, what you have done to solve the problem, your goals for training, and a set up a time for training. Sometimes the issues you are having with your dog can be resolved with a simple call. If you desire an in-home consultation the cost is the same as one private lesson.

Phone Consultations are Free

All Private Lessons

Private lessons cover a variety of training including but not limited to basic and advanced obedience, relationship building, scent detection, tracking, service dog training, and some behavior modification. Each lesson is custom designed for you and your dog’s needs and desires. The first private lesson includes an in home consultation and training session. Travel fees at $0.55 per mile round trip applies.

One Time Lesson


Lesson Packages

Our current lesson package prices are:

Two Lessons: $125     ($10 saving)

Three Lessons: $180     ($15 saving)

Four Lessons: $230     ($30 savings)

Monthly Programs

Monthly training programs for those that wish to train in a discipline requiring more than a handful of lessons are available. These lessons are generally discounted as owners commit to several training sessions a month for several months. This includes but is not limited to canine sports, service work, detection, and tracking/search and rescue. Contact for more information on scheduling, plans, and price.

Rates are current as of January 2020

Nine Realms Canine Training operates near 32nd and Pines in Spokane Valley. There is a travel charge of $0.58 per mile, round trip.

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