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Owner Trained Service Dog Program

Nine Realms Canine Training is proud to work alongside individuals that are seeking guidance training their own dogs for service work. At Nine Realms Canine Training we believe that if an individual needs a service dog they should not be limited by the high cost of a fully trained dog. This is why Nine Realms offers individuals with qualified dogs the ability to join the Owner Trained Service Dog Program. Handlers meet several times a month (as few as two per month and as many as desired) for private lessons. Anyone looking to enter this program must have a disability that qualifies them for a service dog. Individuals may already have a dog or may work with Nine Realms to select an adult dog or puppy. If an interested individual already has a dog and wishes to train it for service work, the dog must pass a two part evaluation before being allowed into the program. The first portion occurs in the home and the second portion occurs in a dog friendly location. Handlers and dogs then train several times a month, working on obedience, tasks, and public access until the dog is a fully trained service dog. All dogs are certified through the American Society of Canine Trainers and must pass all Canine Good Citizen tests and a Public Access test.

Below are some of the types of service dogs Nine Realms trains for:

Diabetic Alert Service Dogs

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Mobility Service Dogs

Hearing Service Dogs

Medical Alert Service Dogs

PTSD Service Dogs

Allergen Detection Service Dogs

We do not train Guide Dogs. Currently we do not offer fully trained service dogs or board and trains for service dogs. Should a client want help selecting a young dog or puppy for service work, Nine Realms will gladly assist. This dog would then enter the Owner Trained Service Dog Program. Board and train for service dogs will be offered in the future. Keep checking back for information.

Clients wishing to owner train with guidance from Nine Realms’ Master Trainer Karin Wagemann are highly encouraged to call or email for more information and a sample of the training contract.

Dogs in the Program

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