Nine Realms Canine Training

Nine Realms Canine Training is a professional dog training operation located in Spokane, WA, operated by ASCT and Master Trainer Karin Wagemann. Certified by the American Society of Canine Trainers International (ASCT), Karin specializes in canine training for Law Enforcement, Anti-Poaching, and Service Work. Her training has taken her all over the globe, including to Tanzania where she instructs game scouts in the Serengeti and trains anti-poaching canines. Nine Realms Canine Training also offers private and group lessons for dog owners interested in training their dogs in tracking, detection, protection, or other specialty areas. Basic obedience and behavioral problem solving is also available. .


Nine Realms’ Special Services

Police Canines

Training Single and Dual Purpose Patrol dogs for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Nine Realms’ police canines are trained to the American Society of Canines Trainers rigorous certification standards. Dogs from Nine Realms are social, confident, meticulously trained, come with health and working guarantees, and lifetime trainer support. All canines purchased must go through an ASCT handler school taught by ASCT Instructor Karin Wagemann. Handler Schools are available for those that already have a dog as well. Nine Realms has placed police canines all over the United States and world including Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Virginia, and Tanzania.

Service Dogs

Nine Realms offers an Owner Trained Service Dog program, where you can work one on one with Nine Realms’ experienced Service Dog Trainer Karin to train your own Service Dog. Training is affordable, flexible, and tailored to you and your dog’s needs. Limited board and trains are also available for specific Service Dog clients needing or wanting Karin to do more training. Check out the service dog page to see all the teams tha have passed all the training steps in the Owner Trained program, including Service Dogs trained for PTSD, Mobility, Psychiatric Alert/Response, Seizure Alert/Response, Diabetic Alert, Austism Support, and Cardiac Alert.

Tracking, Detection, and Protection Training

Want to learn how to train your dog for tracking, detection (narcotics, explosives, etc.), personal protection, or another area of specialty work? This is our specialty and we love teaching owners how to train their dogs in these disciplines. Nine Realms offers private lessons tailored to meet training needs. Owners and Handlers that are serious abou the work can work towards tracking or detection certifications or titles through ASCT.


Why Choose Nine Realms?

  • Instructor and Master Trainer certifications through internationally recognized training organization the American Society of Canine Trainers. These certifications are given based upon skill, knowledge, experience, and accountability. Individuals receive certification only when they have met the standards, not after a specific number of years training, number of dogs trained, by going through a class/school, etc.
  • Head Trainer Karin has a Masters Degree in Canine Behavioral Science from London Hanover University and a Bachelors Degree in Anthrozoology from Carroll College.
  • The canines Nine Realms produces for Law Enforcement and Service Work are individually trained by Karin. Karin keeps smaller numbers of dogs on hand to ensure high quality training for each canine produced. Most Nine Realms canines are raised from puppy to adult, starting in training the moment they are purchased. Karin’s standards for each dog is extremely high and she will not place a canine until it reaches these high standards.
  • Balanced dog training based on the science of canine behavior and learning. Nine Realms does not use one method of training for each dog. There are many methods, tools, and techniques available that are employed based upon each dog.
  • Straightforward and honest training. We know what we specialize in and will refer you to another trainer if we cannot meet your needs. Nine Realms is also straightforward in regards to each owner’s goals and reality that can be accomplished with each dog.
  • Most importantly…we genuinely care for each handler and dog that comes to Nine Realms. We strive to meet the goals each handler has and if are not the best fit we will find a better trainer. Ego plays no part in my training. We are here to help first and foremost.

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