Nine Realms Canine Training

Nine Realms Canine Training is a professional dog training operation located in Spokane Valley, WA, operated by internationally recognized Instructor and Master Trainer Karin Wagemann; certified by the American Society of Canine Trainers. Karin specializes in canine training for Law Enforcement,  Service work, and specialized pet training. Her training has taken her all over the globe, most recently to Tanzania where she trained game scouts and anti-poaching canines.

All of Nine Realms’ training derives from a solid knowledge of canine behavior, learning theory, and neurobiology. Trainer Karin strives to educate her clients in all three of these areas as she works with them to train their dogs. If you are looking for help training your dog, or  looking for a trained working canine you have come to the right place.


Why choose Nine Realms for your training needs?

  • Affordable private lessons for pet dog owners that are customized to each owner/dog’s needs. One on one training to accomplish your training desires and needs.
  • Guidance for those wishing to owner train their own service dog. Affordable service dog training through the owner trained with guidance program.
  • Instructor and Master Trainer Certifications through internationally recognized training organization the American Society of Canine Trainers.

  • Science based canine training and teaching. Training based on rewards and corrections.

  • Trainer with a masters degree in canine behavioral science and a bachelors degree in Anthrozoology.

  • Straightforward and honest training. We know what we specialize in and will gladly refer you to another trainer if we cannot meet your needs.

  • Nine Realms travels to you. Most training occurs in your home or out and about, not at a facility. We believe in addressing the problem where it occurs.


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