About the Trainer

Karin Wagemann is a certified Instructor and Master Trainer through the American Society of Canine Trainers (ASCT). Due to her knowledge, ability, and accountability as a canine handler, trainer, and instructor she was certified as the youngest Instructor in ASCT. Karin also has a bachelor of arts from Carroll College in Anthrozoology, the study of the human animal bond, and a master of science in Canine Behavioral Science from London Hanover University. Professionally, she has been training canines since 2014, however, she began training informally when she was in middle school. Since then, Karin has trained canines in a wide variety of disciplines including service work, narcotics detection, conservation detection, tracking, dual purpose patrol, and anti-poaching work. She has trained dogs and handlers all over the country and globe, with her work taking her to the Serengeti to train game scouts and anti-poaching canines. More recently she has worked with students at local schools, instructing them to train shelter dogs. Her specialties include training dogs for detection, tracking, training high energy dogs, and teaching a variety of individuals to handle and train canines.

Notable Degrees, Schools, and Certifications

Master of Science Canine Behavioral Science, London Hanover University (2017)

Bachelor of Arts Anthrozoology, Carroll College (2015)

​Schools Attended

May 2021: Bozeman, MT ASCT Advanced Class

September 2020: Virginia, ASCT Instructor/Trainer Development Course

June 2019: Bozeman, MT ASCT Advanced Class

May 2018: Elko, NV ASCT Advanced Class

April-August 2017: Virginia, Instructor/Master Trainer School

May 2016: Bozeman, MT, ASCT Advanced Class

October 2015: Bozeman, MT, ASCT Advanced Class

September 2015: Virginia, Basic Handler School

October 2014: Bozeman MT, ASCT Advanced Class

Schools Taught

March 2021: Spokane -WA, Basic Handler School-Law Enforcement

November 2020: Grumeti Tanzania, Handler Selection Course and School

May 2020: Spokane-WA, Basic Handler School-Law Enforcement

January-February 2020: Spokane-WA, Civilian Handler/Trainer School

October-November 2019: Tanzania-Grumeti, Trainer School

June 2019: Tanzania-Grumeti, Advanced Canine School

September 2018: Tanzania-Grumeti, Advanced Canine School

January 2018: Tanzania-Grumeti, Advanced Canine School

September-November 2017: Tanzania-Grumeti, Basic and Advanced Canine Handler School

July 2017: Virginia, Canine Handler School-Law Enforcement

April 2017: Virginia, Basic Canine Handler School-Law Enforcement

American Society of Canine Trainers Certifications​

Instructor ASCT (2017-Current)

Master Trainer ASCT (2017-Current)

Departmental Trainer Narcotics (2016-Current)

Service/Therapy Dog Trainer ASCT (2015-Current)

Public Trainer ASCT (2015-Current)

Qualification Evaluator ASCT (2015-Current)

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

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