Meet the Pack

Nine Realms K9 Narsil


Narsil is 2 year old, little, female, black sable, working line German Shepherd. This medium drive little spitfire is social with all people and dogs and was purchased specifically to be the ambassador for Nine Realms Canine Training. Narsil is a certified narcotics detection canine through the American Society of Canine Trainers and is currently working towards her tracking certification as well. In addition to narcotics detection and tracking Narsil is also trained in service tasks (retrievals behavior interruptions, alerts, sound alerts, blocks, grounding, light switches, opening cabinets, etc.), and advanced obedience. She is the friendliest 53lb GSD you will meet and plays a role in almost every private lesson as either a distraction or playmate.

Nine Realms Jager


Jager is a black/tan, 6 year old German Shepherd. He has high drive but easily relaxes in the house. I rescued Jager from a college student who was no longer able to deal with his energy and increasing aggression towards strangers. Since coming to live with me, Jager has made major improvements with his stranger aggression and can now comfortably interact with new people when introduced properly. Jager is trained for narcotic detection, tracking, and will occasionally help with private training, but his true love is puppy raising (and his couch).

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