Meet the Pack


Shards of Narsil von Nine Realms, CGC, CGC-A, CGC-U

ASCT Certified Patrol Tracking, Narcotics Detection

Narsil is 4 year old, female, black sable, working line German Shepherd with medium prey drive, high hunt/search drive, high food drive, solid nerves, and high sociability. She was purchased specifically to be the ambassador for Nine Realms Canine Training. Narsil is a certified narcotics detection and patrol tracking canine through the American Society of Canine Trainers. She has also recieved her Canine Good Citizen award. In addition to narcotics detection and tracking Narsil is also trained for many service tasks (retrievals, behavior interruptions, alerts, sound alerts, blocks, grounding, light switches, opening cabinets, forward momentum pull, etc.), advanced obedience and helps with group and private lessons. She has helped with countless reactive dogs and their rehab.


Ronan Nial Lynch von Nine Realms BH, IGP1, FPr1

Ronan is a 3yr old working line German Shepherd. Ronan was purchased as a dual purpose patrol dog prospect and it quickly became evident that he did not have the nerve, socialization, and environmental stability to be a police canine. He has extreme ball drive, high hunt drive, never ending energy, and full and hard grips on a sleeve or suit. He is social with people and neutral with most dogs. Ronan bonds tightly with his person and can be a bit of a velcro dog. Ronan has switched careers and has achieved his IGP 1.

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