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Board and Train is available on a case by case basis. At this time, Nine Realms is only offering board and train for working canines (detection, tracking, patrol/police canines), and some service dogs. Pet dog board and trains are not available at this time. Length of time for service dog training is dog dependent and varies from four months to a year and a half depending on dog age. Do not contact asking for a time frame and total cost. I cannot give that to you until I meet the dog and start training.

More options for service dog board and trains will be available in the coming year as a new facility is built (end 2021 beginning 2022).

American Society of Canine Trainers Certification

Dogs will receive training for detection, tracking, patrol work, etc. that meets the ASCT certification standards. Dogs will be considered fully trained and ready to work live. The training may be issued as a one time certification similar to a title in schutzhund/AKC tracking/Nosework, or a working title as long as the handler/owner goes through a school with the dog. This training is offered for those that already have a pet dog and want it trained in a speciffic discipline. Police and Sheriff Departments wanting a trained dog need to check the information on the police canine page. Rates include the boarding of the dog and miles traveled. Equipment and food is not covered and owners must provide it. ASCT certification/title fee is not included and owners must pay that once dog has certified. Tracking is a skill that takes an immense amount of time and ability on the dog and trainer’s part. This is why the cost and lenght of time is significantly higher than detection alone.

Detection (Narcotics, Explosives, HRD (no water/boat cert), etc.)- $3,500- 2 months

Search and Rescue or Patrol Tracking- $4,995 – 3-4 months depending on dog

Dual Purpose Detection/Tracking- $5,500 – 3-4 months depending on dog

(Current Prices as of April 2021)                                                                                

The dog will come away with an ASCT title certification. Meaning the dog cannot be worked live (unless handler/owner goes through a school and certifies with the dog).

Board and Train

Other board and train rates are listed below. These are the rates for service dogs and other areas of working training. Board and trains are offered on a case by case basis so please email for information.

Daily $125/day

Weekly $700/week

One Month $2,500

Two Months or More: $1,995/month

Three Months or More: $1,500/month

(Current Prices as of April 2021)

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