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Maple – Wheelchair Assistance Dog Placed August 2021

Labrador Retriever

Spayed Female born June 2019

Maple was donated by Valerie Fawcett, a Labrador breeder in Spokane, at six months of age. Even at this young age it was clear that Maple had the perfect personality for service dog work. Maple is very in tune with her people, and naturally picks up on their emotions. She is good with children and elders. Good with other dogs and cats. Excellent house manners, crate trained, rides nicely in a car. Maple is a medium energy dog. Her puppy raisers are very active and take her on long walks daily as well as play fetch with her regularly. However, she is not a dog that constantly needs exercise or will be unmanageable. Maple has a soft disposition and works well for food or praise. Fair warning she sheds!

Maple has had many hours of basic and advanced obedience training, public access training, and some minimal task training. She knows the basics, sit, down, stay, come, walks nicely on a leash, has an automatic leave it. She tucks under chairs, legs, knows back up, and return to heel. Maple has worked in crowds, downtown, shopping centers, ridden elevators, escalators, and while still young and overly curious at times, she has taken everything in stride with no concerns. The handful of tasks she has currently learned include pressing the handicap button and retrievals. Final tasks will be tailored to her specific person’s disability.

Maple will do best with an active handler or with a home that has another memeber to take her on walks. I do believe she would as a wheelchair assistance dog as long as she was exercised nicely. Diabetic alert, light mobility (no bracing), or other forms of medical alert would suit her as well. She may be suited for psychiatric service work if the handler is more in check of their emotions and triggers. Her personality would suit that work but she may be to soft to handle extreme emotional distress.

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