Place and Structure

The importance of place command in a multiple dog household. These three are in down stays while I do paperwork. No free roaming for them, especially with a new dog.

Introducing a new dog to a home can be exciting and stressful. It’s crucial that introductions are planned and structured, not random. Many new owners just throw the dogs all together in the yard and “see what happens.” A recipe for a fight and bad first memories.

I introduce new dogs to my pack based upon each of my current dogs’ character. I do this one at a time. If you only have one dog (or multiple) I recommend a structured walk (heeling, no face to face meeting), followed buy structured yard and house time. When I say structured I mean all dogs are on leash and under complete control. Place/stay commands are in use and no free roaming. Toys picked up, food away. No copious amounts of attention for anyone. Everything is earned, freedom, food, affection. All of this is slowly given back to each dog as they prove they can behave.

I introduced Maple to Narsil first. Narsil has a polite greeting behavior, has a calm energy, and adapts her play style to each dog. Maple loved her. I introduced Jager next. Generally I introduce him on leash as he can be pushy, but with puppies he’s a perfect angel. Ronan met the puppy first just through interactions in the crate room as she would leave or come. Then he met her while in a place command, and finally outside.

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