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Nine Realms Canine Training is named after the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology. The idea for the name came from Karin’s love for Norse Mythology, and her many travels across the world training. At Nine Realms Canine Training, training goes above and beyond the realm of simply obedience. Karin is experienced training dogs in a variety of realms including obedience, relationship building, service work, behavior modification, search and rescue, detection, conservation work, and dual purpose patrol. Additionally, Karin is experienced and enjoys training individual dogs in multiple realms of work.


Nine Realms Canine Training does not limit training to any one method but instead uses a combination of methods based upon canine behavior, learning, and neurobiology. Each dog is unique in personality, desires, fears, learning style, and ability. Therefore, no training Nine Realms does is ever a cookie cutter design, rather tailored for each individual dog. Training begins with getting to know the dog in front of us. Nine Realms Canine Training believes in food and toys as forms of rewards or payment to the dog and corrections with various training tools. All desired behaviors are then taught through positive reinforcement in a fair, consistent, and patient process. Once each dog understands what we want, then fair and consistent consequences are added, with rewards for correct behavior never ending. Relationships are built through rewards, structure, time spent together, and consequences. These methods are used for pet dogs, service dogs, and police canines.

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