About Nine Realms

Nine Realms Canine Training is named after the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology. The idea for the name came from Karin’s love for Norse Mythology, and her many travels across the world training. At Nine Realms Canine Training, training goes above and beyond the realm of simply obedience. Karin is experienced training dogs in a variety of realms including obedience, relationship building, service work, behavior modification, search and rescue, detection, conservation work, and dual purpose patrol.


Nine Realms uses science based balanced training methods for police canine training, service dog training, and pet dogs. We use all quadrants of learning (positive, negative, reinforcement, punishment). Nine Realms Canine Training does not limit training to any one method but instead uses a combination of methods based upon canine behavior, learning, and neurobiology. Each dog is unique in personality, desires, fears, learning style, and ability. Therefore, no training Nine Realms does is ever a cookie cutter design, but is instead tailored for each individual dog.

Nine Realms uses the following tools and methods but is not limited or exclusive to these methods: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, negative punishment, positive punishement, food based training, toy based training, marker training, pinch/prong collars, electronic collars, relationship based training, and structured management.

Karin is constantly growing her knowledge in all areas of her work (tracking, detection, protection training, reactive dogs, sport work, anxious dogs, etc.) and is adding new methods and information to better improve her training skills.

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