Police Canines

Nine Realms Canine Training offers social, sound, and confident working canines for a variety of work. Karin has placed dual purpose patrol canines in several states as well as tracking and detection canines internationally in Tanzania. Nine Realms trains working canines for the following (note this is not an exhaustive list):

Single Purpose Detection: Narcotics, Explosives, HRD, Conservation

Single Purpose Tracking: Tracking no Apprehension

Single Purpose Patrol: Tracking, Apprehension, Building/Area search for suspect (Article Searches can be added)

Dual Purpose: Detection of choice, Tracking, (Article Search can be added)

Dual Purpose Patrol: Detection of choice, Tracking, Apprehension, Building/Area search for suspect (Article Searches can be added)

Canines can be procured as a puppy, young dog, or adult dog ready for training. We are experienced selecting and testing green dogs, rescue dogs, or raising puppies for work. Please call or email for more information.



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