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Pridwen Aus Dem Tal (P)




Pronounced PREY-dwen.

DOB August 16, 2021

65lbs-Bicolor Intact Male GSD

Pedigree (link to littermate):

Status: Available as a Personal Protection Dog

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Pridwen is availbe as a personal protection dog. He is also available as a dual purpose police dog (tracking/trailing, article search, and narcotics detection) for law enforcement, search and rescue, or private work. He would also do well and enjoy training and competing in a protection sport.

Pridwen completed a five week board and train with French Ring decoy Saul Garcia for personal protection foundation. Saul has trained many successful personal protection dogs, police dogs, and highly titled French Ring dogs. Pridwen has been on a sleeve, suit, hidden sleeve, and muzzle fought, and will target forearm, tricep, bicep, and legs. His bark is deep and detering, with intent behind it. With his handler he is confident and driven in his protection work and will protect for real when the sitiation demands it. Pridwen has a good balance of prey and defense drives in protection.

High ball drive and hunt drive. Environmentally confident and recovers quickly.

Pridwen is a very clear headed and stable dog. This is a go anywhere do anything dog. He is social with other dogs, people, and children. He is handler focused but thinks independently as needed. Pridwen has absolutely no handler aggression and can be handled by anyone as long as they take the time to learn how to work with him. P can sleep free in the bedroom at night, an extra layer of protection for a family. He is not a sharp dog and welcomes strangers into his home when his handler allows it. Though when asked he will tell strangers to leave and protect his handler. He is versatile enough that he can work in protection and still be clear headed around people and children directly after. He is not a liability.

Pridwen has many hours of public access training in pet friendly buildings and parks and is mannered, social, and stable in these environments. He has high ball drive but also has a good off switch and makes an excellent snuggle companion on sick or lazy days. Clean and quiet in the crate, house trained, crate trained, rides great in a car. He can sleep out of a crate at night. He will bond tightly to his person and is very personable with them. As a personal protection dog is is best matched with a handler that is active and wants to continue training with him.

Pridwen will come with the following:

All obedience commands trained and an off switch in the house. This includes recall, sit, down, stay, place command, and nice leash walking.

Fully protection trained for personal protection including scenario based training.

All hip/elbow testing and cleared.

A handling school for the new owner.

Full AKC Registration

Videos of Pridwen

Protection Montage:

Safe with Puppies:

Pridwen Environmently Sound:

Safe with Kids:

Safe in a Crowd of People:

Pridwen Fended Attack:

Pridwen Ball Pit Bite:

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