Handler Schools

The next school will occur March 2022. The school is two-three weeks long, generaully three weeks. Handler schools are scheduled after purchase of a trained K9 from Nine Realms. There are currently no planned handler schools.

Cost with a dog: $2665 (includes first year ASCT certifcation cost)

Cost without a dog: $1500

Individuals may drop in for a day or more of training with or without a dog. Cost with a dog is $150/day. Cost without a dog is $100/day.

School Overview

American Society of Canine Trainers Basic Handler School

Location: Spokane, WA

DClass will start at 8:30am and finish around 5:30pm most days (there may be some days we do evening training and start later). Monday through Friday with some Saturday training as well.

ASCT Basic Handler Schools are rigourous in all aspects. Handlers and students are taught and certified by an ASCT certified Instructor. Law Enforcement will get first priority. Lodging recommendations available. This class will be a dual purpose class (tracking, detection, and apprehension). Those attending without a dog will have the opportunity to work various dogs in training with Nine Realms. Topics covered include but are not limited too:

Basic K9 Management and Care


Training Detection Final Responses

Narcotic Searches Building/Vehicle Fundamentals

Tracking Fundamentals

Apprehension and Protection Fundamentals

Article Searches

Building Searches for Suspects

Ethology of K9 responsibility & Ethological Trend

Olfaction Biology

Neuro chemicals affect on Behavior

Limbic System

Environmental Odorants

Human Odorants

Bacterial Signatures

Stages of Rest and Stress

Narcotic Gaseous-Function

And More

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