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Intact Male German Shepherd

DOB: November 19, 2018

Price: In Training

Information: Ronan is a young, German Shepherd. Ronan is in training for a variety of work in order to determine where he will best excel. Ronan has extreme ball and food drive, full, hard, and firm grips on a sleeve, is social with people and children, and social/neutral/non reactive with other dogs. Ronan is green and working on obedience, environmentals, hunt drive, and grip development. Since arriving at Nine Realms Ronan has shown some environmental issues, I won’t hide that information like the seller I purchased him from did. We have been working through these issues and are seeing major improvements. At this point in time he shows no major environmental issues and will stay engaged in work or play in new locations. He bonds quickly with his handler and is very handler focused. Ronan will undergo basic foundation training for the following: obedience, house manners, e-collar obedience, detection, tracking, bite work, and dual purpose patrol work. At this point in time he is in training for dual purpose patrol work which I believe he will do extremely well at. If you are interested in Ronan please contact me


All dogs come with a working and health guarantee. Handlers must go through a handling school with the dog in order to receive the full working guarantee offered. American Society of Canine Trainers Basic Handler Schools are $2400. Contact for more information. 


If you are interested in a trained single or dual purpose canine please contact me, I can make it happen.

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