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Nine Realms Canine Training Ronan


Intact Male German Shepherd

DOB: November 19, 2018

Training: Basic/Advanced Obedience, IPO Style Obedience, Patrol Tracking, Suspect Building Search, Protection Trained, E-Collar Obedience

Price: $4,500 

Information: Ronan is a sport, or personal protection prospect. He has extreme toy drive, high food drive, high search/work ethic, full, firm, and hard grips on a sleeve, and a civil side. Ronan is social with people, children, and other dogs. He has basic obedience, e-collar obedience, is house trained, has an off switch, crate trained, and rides well in a car. He has no handler aggression but can be pushy for his toy if given the chance. Ronan is started on tracking, building search for suspect, and is NOT imprinted on any odors but is patterned on car and building searches. He was started a a dual purpose patrol prospect but does not have the environmental confidence for the work. He LIVES to work and needs a job, sport, SAR, personal protection, nosework, etc. I will be VERY selective of where he goes. Until he is placed I will be working him in all three phases of Schutzhund with the intent to title him.

Ronan came from a breeder that promised a dog for dual purpose patrol work, they did not deliver said dog, did not offer to replace, and have blamed me for a dog that arrived with issues. Upon arrival Ronan was spooky of certain environments and while further training has shored up most of these issues he is not sound enough for patrol work. He will not be sold for patrol work.


Nine Realms Drogon


Intact Male Dutch Shepherd

DOB: October 7, 2019

Training: Puppy

Price: Please Contact


Information: Drogon is a confident young Dutch Shepherd being imprinted for dual purpose patrol work. Social with people and other dogs. Confident on all surfaces, crate trained, rides well in a car, leash trained, house trained. He will be held back until he is trained and ready to place with a department. I will consider placing him in a working home ONLY to interested individuals, please feel free to contact for more information. 


Donations to Departments 

Nine Realms wishes to give suitable rescues working jobs with police departments looking for their next canine. At the time we have two rescues from SCRAPS that are looking for working homes. Either would be suited for a department, one more so than the other. We are willing to donate or offer at a discount either dog to a police or sheriff department. Please contact for further information


Nine Realms Stands Behind its Dogs

All dogs trained to American Society of Canine Trainers certification standards and are ready to certify with handlers. All dogs come with a working and health guarantee. Handlers must go through a handling school with the dog in order to receive the full working guarantee offered. American Society of Canine Trainers Basic Handler Schools are $2400. Contact for more information. 


If you are interested in a trained single or dual purpose canine please contact me, I can make it happen.

Nine Realms K9 Newt and Karin

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