Breeding Program

Expected November 2022

Narsil and Shaft Litter Announcement!

Breeding Update!

Narsil and Shaft Litter Announcement: Expected November 2022

Unfortunately, Tom had some health issues that prevented him from being collected when the time came. I am still very thankful that Theresa allowed me use of Tom and wish him a speedy recovery!
I did not want I miss this heat cycle with Narsil, as she is almost 5yrs now, so at the last second I asked Elena Gannett if she would breed her male Shaft to Narsil. I want to make it clear this wasn’t an impulse breeding and I believe that Shaft will produce precisely what I am looking for with Narsil. He is one awesome dog. I am very thankful that she said yes! The breeding took place September 13/14 and we expect puppies November 13.

Shaft s Putilovoy Gory…/Shaft-s-Putilovoy-Gory

86lbs, HD SV Normal, ED SV Fast Normal, DM Clear, OCD-No (SV), LUW- 0 (SV)

I have watched this boy work for the last two years, while I was in Top K9 Schutzhund club, and saw from the get go he had the traits that would balance Narsil. Shaft has his BH and AD and I expect him to get IGP 1 next year with Elena. Shaft has very high ball drive, high prey drive, and high food drive. He will work all day long, has no quit, but he also has an excellent off switch and will happily sleep on the couch all day. His grips are genetically firm, full, and calm. He fights well with the helper and is prey frustration dog. He is a prey dog in protection and this will balance Narsil very well. Very active in obedience.
Shaft is confident, environmentally sound, no reactivity, and social with all people and dogs. He has never met a stranger. He is a very stable dog and has super nerves. His pedigree speaks for itself with IGP3, IPO3, or SCH 3 on ALL dogs in his three generation pedigree. This dog is basically the full package: great temperament, drives and conformation.

Having worked with Shaft in club I knew he would pair well and balance out the traits in Narsil I was looking to fix. I wanted extreme ball drive, high prey in protection, and full/firm grips genetically to balance out Narsil’s flaws in those areas. This will be both Shaft and Narsil’s first litter and I am very excited to see what they produce. I am expecting very stable dogs that can go anywhere and do anything. They should be easy to manage pets, as both Shaft and Narsil are as well. I am expecting dogs with high ball drive, high food drive, good grips and drive for protection work, solid environmentals, solid nerves, stable, and social with people/dogs. These should be dogs that will thrive in almost any discipline: protection sports, SAR, detection, police work, personal protection, or active pets. This pairing should produce dogs that can do it all.

Email (do not call) me for an application, cost, working and health cert proof (if you want/need it), and any questions you may have. Waitlist is open and I will take up to two more (six total, four spots spoken for already). To get on the waitlist you must fill out an application and be approved by me.

Pick Male Work: Nine Realms

Pick Female Work: Mike P

Second Pick Male/Female Work: Bridget B

Male/Female: Lisa H

🗡Shards of Narsil von Nine Realms🗡

56lbs and 22” tall. DM carrier/not affected, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal.

Narsil has medium/high prey and ball drive. High hunt drive. Super work ethic. High food drive (no food allergies or weird GSD tummy issues). Medium energy level. Super off switch. In protection she activates more in defensive/aggression drive than prey. Rock solid environmentals and will work in any environment asked. She has been on elevators, escalators, slick floors, planes, buses, and has been to large, extremely crowded, and concert level loud events.

Narsil is certified as a narcotics detection dog (meth, heroin, cocaine, mdma) and patrol tracking through the American Society of Canine Trainers. This dog lives to track and is a machine to work behind. Narsil also has all three Canine Good Citizen titles. She is also trained in numerous service dog tasks as a demo for my business (opening/closing cabinets and doors, turning on/off lights, retrievals, hearing alerts, DPT, behavior interruptions, forward momentum pull, and find exit to name some).

Narsil is on the softer side, is sensitive to her handler, and hard corrections. Because of this she is very in tune to her handler’s emotional state, and has a high desire to please but is not clingy. Narsil is a quiet shepherd, and doesn’t do the typical shepherd whine. Can be trusted in the house free.

Social with people (not a fan of children-this is more a lack of exposure on my end as a pup). Social with other dogs. As a young dog she had some dog reactivity that I worked through. It does not present an issue to this day but I will be very open that it was there.

Narsil is an extremely versatile dog that has done everything I have ever asked her to do. She can flip from doing narcotics detection, tracking, or protection to being a demo dog or chill pet dog at an outdoor restaurant at a moment’s notice. She is a very clear headed dog that I never have to worry about in public. I expect her puppies to be similar.

Puppies are $1800 total- $500 nonrefundable deposit required to hold your pup once pups born.

Microchipped, 26month hip and elbow guarantee, and AKC registered. Breeding rights will not be given to owners until the dog has passed hip/elbow checks (official scores not prelims) and has a working title or certification (owner choice but breeder must check off on title/cert-ie no CGC or trick dog title gets you breeding rights).

More information on cost, deposit, contract, etc to follow!

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